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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra”

Mentoring program for FX traders

You have the market’s experience but still can’t generate income from trading? 

You know technical analysis but still can’t find winning trades?

Feel like the market is acting against you?

Before you give up…

Join the Elite Zone and let us show you how to trade like a pro!

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Forex Mentoring Package



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Half Annual Mentoring Package

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The Goal – Training Traders to successfully navigate their way in the financial markets 



Why choose the Elite Zone over signal services?

The Elite Zone offers:

VIP access to the world of Pro Trading:

  • Weekly and daily trading plans with annotated charts
  • Trading Strategies, detailed and explained
  • Detailed trading scenarios – Entry Zones, Targets, Risk/Reward and more…Don’t settle for copying trades! Understand the logic behind each trade.
  • Timing – Learn to use the economic calendar and fundamentals to time your entries
  • Discover what is the Price Zones Trading Method (Understand what a real trading edge is)
  • Get access to our to the Private Telegram Chat Group
  • Personal trading support and guidance
  • Monthly live analysis sessions
  • Exclusive webinars


Choose the Elite Zone if you want to become a successful trader!  





Common Signal Services offer:

When you sign up for regular Signals Services you get:

  • Basic alerts 
  • No explanations
  • No charts
  • No learning process
  • No guidance of how to manage a trade (psychology\trade management\Risk Management)
  • Dependency on other’s skills. 


Choose that option if you want to depend on the success of others!  



The best online technical analysis practices with a personal touch… Learn how to think like a pro!

You don’t need fancy & expensive robots to make it in the financial markets – Let me show you how.

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