There are three key elements required to be successful in trading:

The Market Zone’s services offer extensive knowledge about successfully trading the Forex and Stock markets, weekly and daily analyses that prepare you to trade the markets and detailed trading plans that provide you the tools you need to execute your trades.

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The Market Zone empowered hundreds of traders from all over the world…

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  • "To anybody who is looking for an answer to FX trading that is not a magical way to millions but an intelligent approach to reality I recommend the Elite Zone service"

    Rob K.
  • "Your daily emails and updates are great, you state your actions upfront and are transparent about your psychology and trading decisions"

    Andy R.
  • "Tomer is a great coach. All listed trading plans are with specific steps and detailed explanations. I could say responsibly no one else in the market would do it, not occasionally, but week by week"

    Wei G.
  • "That's nothing short of amazing how your setups work at this crazy whipsaw market. Thank you for your job!"

    Evegeny Y.

Our services offer…

Learn the skills:

When things are going wrong, you need to start from the basics. The Market Zone’s technical reviews cover  both basics and advanced tactics of technical analysis. Starting from simple skills as recognizing trends, identifying support and resistance zones and trading classical patterns to knowing how to combine the basics with the advanced charts analysis techniques such as Fibonacci trading and harmonic patterns.

Your goal is to trade like a pro – Our goal is to provide you the trading edge that will allow you to do so. 

Understand the trade:

I believe that following some Internet Guru or subscribing to alert services (as successful as they may be) won’t help you reach the goal of becoming a successful trader. With your first steps into the world of technical trading it is highly important that you’ll not only copy trades, but instead you’ll understand the reasons behind the trade – The thought process that leads to the execution.

The Market Zone’s services offer you a clear view into the thought process of a pro trader – All the considerations are being revealed to you, both fundamentals and technicals, and in that way you’ll be able not only to enjoy profitable trades but to also understand them and learn to identify trading opportunities on your own!

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