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Who am I?

My name is Tomer Jakob, I’m married and a father to three beautiful daughters. 

I have a university degree in engineering (electronics and communications), a qualified project manager and I’m a Trader.

I’ve been trading stocks, options and Forex since 2010 and I’m the owner of the Market Zone. 

My Trading History

  • Just like most traders that try to make their first steps into the exciting world of the financial markets, I also experienced several failures before finding the path to successful trading. I blew up several trading accounts, spent lots of money on trading rooms, courses and books but mostly lost on emotional trading.

    Once I saw that the losses started to affect my personal life (my family life) I knew that I either make a change or quit trading.

    Since I’m not a quitter, I’ve found my way to success through hard work, change of mental state and new trading strategy – The Trading Zones.

     Today I’m successfully trading the currencies, stocks and options and in addition I’m mentoring dozens of traders is an effort to help them avoiding the same mistakes I did and empowering them to become successful traders.

How do I work?

I do not believe in signal services. I’ve done it, I’ve been a client and it didn’t get me anywhere. By using signal services you are actually giving up on learning how to become a successful trader and instead, you are relying on someone else to do the job for you.

I believe that in order to become a successful traders you need to go through three critical phases:

1. Mental change – Psychology is a crucial part of trading.

2. Learn to focus on what matters – Learn the real art of technical analysis

3. Learn to make trading decisions

The purpose of my work and my services is to allow traders to master these three phases by providing high value educational content, detailed trading scenarios and multiple trading plans to choose from.

Whether it is in my Free Weekly Markets Analysis newsletters (link) or part of the premium Elite Zone service – I provide traders with the tools they need to master the skills that are required to become successful in trading.

Trade in the Zone

There are many markets to trade (Forex, Stocks, Options etc..) and there are many ways to trade (Price Action, Candlesticks, Indicators, Fibonacci and Harmonic patterns) – I believe that it all starts with proper education and the right trading strategy. My goal is that the Market Zone and my services will guide you to find the strategy that fits you – I want to put you in YOUR zone.


If you want to give me a chance, join me…


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