Elite Zone longer term trading scenarios


The Elite Zone is a mentoring service meant for Swing Traders.

Out typical setups take days to develop and they require patience and trade management skills once they start running.

Occasionally I include in my trading plans set ups that are based on weekly patterns.

These are what I call – Long term trading ideas.

Discipline is the key

Here are some of the latest longer term Elite Zone trading ideas and their results:

Elite Zone winners

Bullish Gartley pattern – AUDCAD

AUDCAD was presenting a weekly Buy Zone that included a bullish harmonic pattern and a weekly trend line.

The trade reached its target zone a week

elite zone winner

Bullish Cypher pattern – AUDCHF

AUDCHF was testing a weekly structure zone. This pair has formed a bullish Cypher pattern that was used to trigger our entry.

The trade exceeded our target zones and completed almost 500 pips rally from the entry zone.

elite zone winner

Bullish Bat pattern – AUDNZDWell played longer term trading scenario that had us focus on 1.04.

AUDUSD rallied from the completion of the bullish harmonic pattern and rallied beyond its 200 days MA line towards our weekly target zone.

elite zone winner

Weekly False Breakout setup NZDCAD was presenting a bearish False Break out signal when it spiked above a weekly resistance zone, completed a bearish harmonic pattern, and crashed.

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