First winners in 2017


2017 started with a strong rally of the U.S stock markets and the Dollar Index.

But… it was temporary.

With patience, discipline and proper preparations we already booked tremendous gains in 2017:

$WTI – Harmonics Pattern

Bearish AB=CD pattern that completed near 55$ sent $WTI down 4$ in the first trading week of 2017:

Elite Zone winner


Elite Zone winner

$GBPCAD – Trading Channel inside the PRZ

Short term trading channel was forming inside the PRZ of a bullish Bat pattern. The Harmonic Trading pattern was the reason we wanted to be long GBPCAD. The Channel provided the option to better time the bullish entry:

Elite Zone winner

$XAUUSD – Bullish Cypher in Gold

One of the longer term bullish opportunities that I’ve posted since the beginning of the year was on Gold.

Gold was forming a bullish harmonic pattern (Cypher) and also re-tested the top of a broken falling Wedge pattern.

That presented a bullish opportunity that sent Gold more than 5% higher since January 1st:

Elite Zone winner


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