5 Ted Talks for traders


Although most Ted talkers do not talk about trading directly, there are many speakers (great speakers!) and Ted Talks that revolves around topics that relate to trading. Topics like Success and how to manage it, Decision Making, Risk Taking, Power of Beliefs, Stress, Mindset and others are frequently talked and I’ve gathered 5 of the best for you.

Richard St. John – The Success Journey

Richard’s Ted presentation deals with Success and how people mistakenly think that it shouldn’t be maintained. In The Success Journey Richard addresses one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen traders do – They work hard to be successful and when they become successful, they stop doing the things that brought them there.  Short presentation with an important lesson.

Eduardo Briceno – Mindset and Success

The key to success is having the right mindset. A winner’s mindset.

But what is the right mindset? In his Ted Talk presentation Eduardo talks on how you need to change your focus from results to progress in order to have the mindset that will eventually lead to success. Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you know how to grow from it. This is a must view Ted Talk for those of you who are still in their early years of trading.

Kelly McGonigal – Dealing with stress

Traders have to deal with stress all the time. Trading can be a stressful business… especially at first but not only.

Traders need to know how to contain stress, and not let it have any influences on their trading decisions. But what if you can turn stress to your “friend”?

In her Ted Talk, psychologist Kelly McGoningal tries to guide you how to do that.

Dan Gilbert – Why we make bad decisions

This is my favorite presentation and not only because the speaker (Dan Gilbert) is absolutely, but also because it deals with one of the most important aspect of trading – Decisions making.

Decision making is a critical part of a trading profession. We need to take decisions what to trade, when to trade, how to manage our trades and what risks are we willing to take on each trade.

Why is it so hard to make the right choice? What is the right choice? Is there a right choice?

Dan Gilbert explains in his presentations how our human brain has natural flaws that prevents us sometimes from taking the right decision (or make it real hard for us to choose it).

Chris Davenport – Taking Risks

In his Ted Talk presentation, Chris talks about risk taking in the world of extreme sports.

Although trading isn’t an extreme sport, it still can be just as risky (financially and a little bit physically).

What are risks and why do we take them? Watch this Interesting presentation with a twist.


Just as Richard referred to Success as a journey, I think that learning is a journey as well.

We always need to learn more and maintain desire to improve.

The Ted Talks above provide great lessons that any new (and veteran) trader can learn from.

Remember that trading isn’t just about reading charts and or earnings reports. Success in trading is also about having the right mindset and developing skills that will allow you to express your analytics skill into a successful trade.



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