Elections week winners


Last week I advised the members to stay away from the markets till the final elections results. Although I had pretty good setups that turned out profitable, I’m in favor of trading scenarios I can control…

That is why I was focused on earnings (for Elite Zone stocks members) and the RBNZ rate decision (FX members scenarios).

The patience and discipline paid off:

AUDNZD – 150 pips winner

AUDNZD analysis

In AUDNZD we traded a daily False Break scenario with focus on 1.04 as our key support zone towards RBNZ rate decision.

The daily False Break was confirmed when AUDNZD climbed back up above the 50 days MA line.

GBPNZD – Taking advantage of GBP strength and NZD weakness – 700 pip winner

GBPNZD analysis

GBPNZD was testing monthly lows. The pair was heavily oversold and I saw a longer term bullish potential that I was looking to capitalize on following the NZD rate decision.

GBPNZD actually started running earlier than expected and there was a chance that this train already left the station… but the NZD rally following the rate decision allowed the members and I to enter the trade and keep it for a huge profit.

AUDCHF – Classic double top inside weekly resistance zone

audchf analysis

Simple double top setup generated more than 150 pips following the elections results.

Earnings scenario – BBBY exploding from harmonic price zone

BBBY earnings setup

Earnings scenario onĀ $BBBY generated a huge winner as the stock exploded from an harmonic zone.



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