Price Zones and Price Action

Pin Bar Patterns

The Pin Bar pattern is one of my favorite trading patterns. It is also probably one of the most powerful, Price Action, patterns if it is being used correctly. It is a one candle formation which is simple to understand, simple to trade ...

Recognizing and drawing key levels are the foundations of technical analysis. Just as you can't build a house\business without first making sure that the foundations are solid, the same goes for learning a new skill. You can't be a rocket science without ...

Fibonacci trading

Who is Fibonacci? What does he have to do with trading? What are the Fibonacci trading tools and why are they so popular among technical traders? If you don't know the answers to these questions, this blog post is for you. The sections ...

learn to use stop loss

Although stop loss orders may be a topic that most trading blogs will prefer to avoid writing about (as it relates to losses and not to glamorous wins), for me, placing a proper stop loss order is the difference maker between ending up ...

moving averages

Keeping Trading simple with Moving Averages

n the world of technical analysis, it is very easy to get lost in the sea of indicators out there. It starts with the free simple indicators, provided by any charting software ...

GBPNZD harmonic trading

Yesterday was a huge day for the Elite Zone members. In our weekly letter (weekly trading plan sent to the members each week), they received trading ideas and trading scenarios that suggested to short $GBPCAD, $GBPAUD and $GBPCAD due to ...

Price Zones trading

Price action has become one of the most popular trading techniques in recent times. Many new traders find this trading technique easy to understand, practice and master. It is also a technique used these days by programmers for trading ...

RSI and harmonic trading

The use of RSI in the " Price Zones" analysis method

The “Relative Strength Index”, or RSI, is one of the most commonly used indicators in the technical analysis world.

Unlike modern sophisticated indicators, the RSI indicator is a ...

mlnx trading

Mellanox ($MLNX) demonstrates the power of technical analysis

Intro - Technical or Fundamental analysis?

What is technical analysis? What does it give us as traders? Why are so many people around the world drawn into the "magic" of technical analysis?

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