Harmonic Trading

The Butterfly pattern is a harmonic trading reversal pattern that is made of 5 swing points (X,A,B,C and D). The pattern was discovered by Bryce Gilmore and further defined by Scott Carney. Its structure is similar to

Harmonic Trading

A Bat pattern is a harmonic trading pattern that is made of 5 swing points (X,A,B,C and D). The pattern was developed by Scott Carney (book recommendations) and, as in all harmonic patterns; it comes in bullish and bearish variations

To the untrained eye, Bat pattern may look similar to the famous Gartley pattern, but as you will read below there are some significant differences….

Gartley pattern

What is a Gartley?

The Gartley pattern is probably the most familiar harmonic trading pattern out there. It was first found in page 222 in the book “profits in the stock market” (H.M Gartley) and published in 1935. It was first ...

Trading plan ATNT

Writing a trading plan is an essential part of trading. Without it, the margin for error increases dramatically and the chances of emotional trading increase as well. Recently I posted on my TradingView page an example of how to write proper ...

PRZ harmonic trading

Harmonic Trading - How to recognize and build a PRZ

PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone) is the price zone in which harmonic patterns traders, are looking for reversal signals (fatigue\exhaustion of trends).

The PRZ is actually "The Money Zone" - This ...

earnings-season harmonics

Harmonic trading patterns are powerful and accurate reversal patterns that can be used on Stocks and FX trading. Recently I published an article on "Medium" in which I'm describing how these patterns can be very useful during earnings season and how ...

IBM harmonic trading

Harmonic trading patterns can be used in any market, on any chart and in any time frame. Whether it is the FX market, in which this patterns are formed more frequently (due to this markets volatility), or the Stock markets, harmonic ...

IBM harmonics

Advanced Trading Patterns and Harmonic Trading are the most trending trading strategies in recent times.It has the advantages of high accuracy and strict trade management rules that give traders the extra edge with better trading results and simple mechanism to set ...

In this special training video that I published on my Youtube channel I demonstrate the use of harmonic trading patterns with real trading examples on $USDJPY. This is a step by step guide that ...

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