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We are in the middle of the biggest financial experiment in history with central banks trying to revive a dying economy by manipulating the stock markets and meddling with their currencies. These are challenging times for any trader\Investor, especially to new ones that are trying to make their first steps in the world of the financial markets.

With proven track record, years of experiences and personal approach, the Market Zone’s services offer you guidance into the world of trading. 

If you truly want to become a successful trader and you want to learn the ways of the pros and avoid the mistakes most traders do when they first start trading (and the costs), the Market Zone is the place to be.


  • "My results from last night alone will have paid for your service for the next 12 years, not because you told me what to do but you told me where to look, and what is more important, how to look…"

    Kenny G.
  • "To anybody who is looking for an answer to FX trading that is not a magical way to millions but an intelligent approach to reality I recommend the Elite Zone service"

    Rob K.
  • "Your daily emails and updates are great, you state your actions upfront and are transparent about your psychology and trading decisions"

    Andy R.
  • "Tomer is a great coach. All listed trading plans are with specific steps and detailed explanations. I could say responsibly no one else in the market would do it, not occasionally, but week by week"

    Wei G.
  • "That's nothing short of amazing how your setups work at this crazy whipsaw market. Thank you for your job!"

    Evegeny Y.
  • "I have been subscribing to your service for the past six months and you have completely changed my approach to FX Trading..."

    Charles B.
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